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    August Kaspar was a rancher, laboring from dusk to dawn on his land in South Texas. He was also a problem solver, an inventor and an innovator. When he noticed that his neighboring ranchers were discarding their steel wire fences for barbed wire fences, he took the opportunity to solve a problem of his: He needed an item that would help him carry corn shucks and hay. Sitting in the shade of a large tree on his property, August worked his hands and a pair of pliers to twist the thrown-away wire into a basket that would solve his problem. As it turned out, his neighbors had the same problem. A neighbor bought the basket for a dollar, and then another neighbor bought another basket, and just like that, Kaspar Manufacturing was born.

    Prior to September 15, 1982, Americans were often limited to local news and lengthy news cycles, which deprived them of important information regarding international and domestic events occurring every single day. It was this date in history when the breadth of news coverage shifted. USA Today released their daily newspaper to report on nationwide and worldwide events, informing Americans about the newsworthy happenings beyond the boundaries of a specific city or state.Within a year of USA Today’s initial release, the newspaper’s circulation hit 1 million readers, and by July of 1986, an estimated 4.8 million individuals were reading their newspaper each day. In order to facilitate a substantial readership with the very first issue, USA Today needed more than 100,000 custom newspaper racks expeditiously manufactured so they could be installed in cities throughout the United States on the night before the newspaper’s morning launch. They enlisted the expertise of Sho-Rack – a company that was rebranded in 2015 as a former division of Kaspar Manufacturing – known for delivering excellence in the newspaper rack industry with high-quality fabrication processes, innovative coin-mechanisms and comprehensive custom services.


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