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    Our history dates from the earliest days of electronics. The Wirt Company was founded in 1904 by Charles Wirt, an associate of Thomas Alva Edison. Wirt pioneered the development of wire wound potentiometers, fixed wire wound resistors, automotive spark suppressors and slide switches.At the same time, engineers at Continental Carbon, Inc., were creating basic processes for manufacturing carbon composition resistors, metal film resistors and carbon film resistors. Following their merger, Continental Carbon, Inc. and The Wirt Company became Continental-Wirt Electronics Corporation and more recently, CW Industries.As CW Industries, we have developed patented products and processes for several segments of the electronics industry. These products include slide, rocker and pushbutton switches; insulation displacement connectors; and a variety of custom products.CW Engineering works closely with our customers to design innovative, high-quality and cost driven options for electromechanical switches, connectors, wire harnesses, insert molded lead frame assembly, and PCB assemblies. We provide comprehensive customer support with on-site design and technical assistance to enable our customers to go from product concept to production without delay.

    Our engineers utilize Catia, Pro E, AutoCAD & Solid Works software and Stereo Lithography Apparatus (SLA) to rapidly produce prototypes without incurring substantial tooling costs. Our innovative ideas have resulted in many patented and trademarked items.  The critical key to manufacturing low-cost, high-quality components and assemblies is tooling design. CW’s in-house tooling capabilities include rapid prototype, and production mold, stamping and automated assembly tooling. We design, build and maintain tools – both simple and complex to ensure manufacturing repeatability and compliance and to meet your most challenging dimensional, shape and size requirements.CW Tooling engineers are an integral part of the design for manufacturing team to ensure cost-effective manufacturing options and to provide our customers with greater design flexibility, shorter lead times, and increased control over the quality and performance of the final product.


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