Miller & Chitty Co., Inc.

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Supplier Category: Electronics and IndustrialSupplier Tags: Condensing Fire Tube Boiler, Firetube, Flexible Water Tube, Heat Recovery Steam Generator, Pump Sets, and Surge Tank

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    Miller & Chitty Co., Inc., founded in 1956, is a Sales and Service agency specializing in boilers and boiler room equipment. The Sales, Service, Aftermarket and Parts professionals provide complete technical assistance for the design, sales, service and maintenance of packaged boiler room systems. In the state of New Jersey our reputation has been built slowly by our performance on every assignment we have undertaken. Our many years of experience devoted to the very best products assure you of trustworthy application and service.We offer packaged boilers and associated equipment ranging in size from 15 to 2200 hp and boilers generating saturated or superheated steam, with burner systems designed for firing natural gas, propane, and fuel oil.We represent some of the leading manufacturers of firetube & other types of boiler-related equipment such as burners, deaerators, economizers, boiler feed systems, chemical feed systems, water softeners, condensate return systems, stacks, breechings, draft inducers and blowdown separators. We have one of the largest inventory of spare and replacement parts for flame safeguard controls, pressure switches, gaskets, combustion controls, gas valves, gas pressure regulators, relief valves, pumps, motors, level controls, valves, traps, sight glass, and gauge cocks.We can provide trailer-mounted boiler rooms for onsite use, steam or hot water.

    We carry several lines of boilers and all types of boiler room equipment, including Cleaver Brooks, Nebraska, Fulton and Raypak. We also represent Metal Fab, the industry leader in venting of boilers, water heaters, emergency generator exhaust and zero clearance grease duct. We at Miller & Chitty Company have a special responsibility to our customers. One that extends well beyond just selling packaged boiler room systems. Our service group has a full corporate commitment in maintaining extensive parts inventory.Our planned maintenance programs are designed to spot and correct problems before they begin. Our service group is available on a 24 hour basis which guarantees our customers the ultimate in service.


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