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    Robert “Pete” Miner started Industrial Screen and Maintenance in Casper, Wyoming 1969. He began by manufacturing screens for the uranium industry, which we still produce today. Pete was a self-taught Master Electrician and Electrical Engineer, over the years he solved problems and developed new products for various industries. When he passed away in 2008, he left behind 7 patents, 3 sons and a daughter. His son, Daniel P Miner is now company President and continues the legacy his father began.  Daniel Miner, currently holds 2 patents of his own with some still pending and has many years of experience engineering and designing projects and products of all sizes. Daughter, Lindsey (Miner) Robinson and husband Aaron Robinson operate a new Colorado Facility.Throughout the years, Industrial Screen has seen many bust and boom cycles, industry shutdowns and continually changing markets yet we have remained strong. Starting out with only a few products, we now offer more than 1000, including 20 for the coalbed methane industry alone.

    Between our full service Machine Shops, Custom Urethane Division, Screening Department and highly experienced machinists and fabricators we are able to design, manufacture and produce unique high quality products unmatched by any other competitor.Our full time Quality Control Managers ensure all products meet and exceed your timeline and manufacturing standards, complete with all required certified material records, x-ray and testing results. We work with customers from all over the globe providing manufacturing solutions for various industries. We offer everything from assisting with new product prototyping, custom fabrication and molding, small test piece orders and also can provide large capacity production runs.Industrial Screen and Maintenance located in Grand Junction, Colorado and Casper, Wyoming, is the largest and most advanced machine shop company in the rocky mountain region. We have been in business since 1969. Our modern facilities include over 20 CNC turning and milling centers capable of simultaneous production of a single part to within.


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